Welcome to our new Young Volunteers!

Healthwatch Newcastle welcomes our newest recruits and volunteers
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We'd like to welcome Michelle and our new Young Volunteers to Healthwatch Newcastle! Michelle Brannigan is our new Volunteer Coordinator. She’s studying Environmental Science at Newcastle College and is a keen environmentalist and climate change champion.

Having worked in the voluntary sector for many years, she's keen to engage and hear people's views. Michelle has four children and feels that the pandemic has had the greatest impact on young people. She’s passionate that services need to support young people and make sure their voices are heard.

Could you be a Young Healthwatch Volunteer?

We’re currently recruiting Young Healthwatch Volunteers aged 14 to 25. Michelle says “I am looking for people to help us communicate with young people in Newcastle. What do young people think about health and social care services and how we can improve them? Young people have had a tough time during the pandemic. Some have seen the amazing work that scientists, health care professionals, doctors, nurses and carers have done to keep us all safe and are inspired to choose healthcare as their career path.”

Meet Iqra

Iqra is one of two new Young Volunteers who have recently joined us. Iqra brings a passion for health and social care, as well as multilingual skills. She wants to use her skills to make people feel comfortable in talking about their experiences: “I can bring about a positive atmosphere by using my skills to help people who are struggling to get their voices heard. I want to be able to support Healthwatch in making a positive difference to others.”

Meet Kieran

Kieran became interested in the world of public health over the past two years and changed his career path to the healthcare sector. “I have had an interest in the healthcare sector for some time and this interest has been heightened by the pandemic. I feel volunteering for Healthwatch is perfect for me to explore this sector. I'll be able to experience and get insight into how services have been affected and how this has impacted young people. I want to be a messenger for the people of the area and express how they’re feeling about the care they’re receiving in this tough environment we are still in.”

Join us!

If you're interested in volunteering for us please complete the form on this page or email michelle@healthwatchnewcastle.org.uk