Start breathing this Stoptober

In 2012 adults around 459,000 adults smoked in the North East. Now it’s around 325,000 – a drop of around 134,000.

Quit smoking start saving

Smoking during the pandemic

A new nationwide survey of 2,000 smokers has found that nearly half (45%) have been smoking more since the first lockdown began. Key reasons reported are being bored in the lockdowns (43%) or the pandemic making them more anxious (42%). What’s more, data from the monthly UCL Smoking Toolkit Study indicates a large increase in smoking among the under-35s since the coronavirus pandemic started, up from 18% in 2019 to 24% now.

This year's Stoptober mass quit attempt is more important than ever, with quitting remaining one of the best things a smoker can do for their health. That’s why this year’s Stoptober campaign is encouraging smokers to join the thousands of others who are giving quitting a go for the month of October and getting to experience the benefits of giving up smoking including being able to start moving better, being able to breathe more easily and saving money.

How Stoptober can help you

Stoptober offers a range of free quitting tools including:

  • The NHS Quit Smoking app
  • Facebook messenger bot
  • Stoptober Facebook online communities
  • Daily emails and SMS
  • An online Personal Quit Plan

The Personal Quit Plan helps people find a combination of support that’s right for them, including expert support from local Stop Smoking Services and stop smoking aids.

You can also call the free National Smokefree Helpline on 0300 123 1044 to talk to a trained adviser for advice and support.

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